• April 8, 2020

Darshan has over two decades of experience working through major MNC companies, including MSC Technology, NASSCOM, and others.

Mr. Darshan Kumar K, the Founder of Planotech Media House, is currently the CEO of ExtentDC and Planotech Events and Marketing (OPC) Pvt Ltd,” a privately‐held Digital Marketing & Event Management Company. Mr.Darshan oversees the operations of this organization.


Starting the day:

Happy & Successful people tend to wake up early to avoid procrastination. 

Darshan’s circadian clock has made up early and ready to start the day without an alarm clock. Once he is up, He makes good positive vibes around him with optimistic museography and devotional songs.

Darshan as a fitness fanatic, he starts his day with a morning run followed by a balanced natural pre-workout & post-workout diet followed by a hot shower, and home-made meal.

He trains himself and motivates others with a healthy outlook on health and how to act out the brain while keeping our mind and soul under the positive influence.

Business time:

Once in the workplace, Darshan talks with his executive assistants to go over his agenda for the day, followed by inspiring & empowering. 

Darshan is always updating his email and business contact means making everything right and prioritizing what is essential to the day.

The evening:

He takes time to link to the messages and follow-ups that have missed.

Usually, he spends time with his family. As the evening winds down with the leaders of the squad. Darshan & his teammates spend quality time in his office which has got many entertainment areas such as Snooker board, Xbox, Table-Tennis, Foosball table, Mini-Theater with several Elite VOD apps, Mini Library, EBooks.

Social Lifestyle:

Darshan Kumar is a socially and environmentally responsible person. He indulges in campaigns like planting and feeding poor people without any reputation or recognition. When it comes to his helping hands, he is one of the kindest and the finest.

Mr Darshan Kumar is always the first at blood donation camps.

Many people consume green products, invest in socially responsible funds and essentially give their time for good causes, but Mr Darshan Kumar has done remarkable work in cleaning up his locality. From the past few years, he has been working on all weekends to enlist the cleaning drive in many neighbourhoods, to make it better than how he left it the week before.

He believes that Social Responsibility is a necessity for the planet and people living inside and outside business organizations. Every business has a remarkable number of connections in society, such as owners, employees, customers, government, suppliers. The duties of business include satisfaction to these parties with their owner. 

It is called corporate social responsibility of business.

During this coronavirus lockdown, Darshan Kumar indulged in many activities like distributing food to the needs & providing full-day meals to the poor in his locality.